Water Softening

Your scale issues solved

Reliable equipment

Salt efficient

Energy saving

Let us size your softener

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Ultraviolet filtration

304 and 316 Stainless steel models available

UV monitors

Individually sized for your water supply

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Iron and manganese removal

Wide range of removal media options

Reliable equipment

Individually designed for your water supply

Small commercial filters and large scale plant supplied.

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Sediment filter products

Cartridge and bag filter housings

Replacement filter cartridges and bags.

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Arsenic and Nitrate filter products

Ensure water meets EU drinking water directives

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High Purity water systems


Reverse Osmosis

Submicron Filtration

Ultraviolet Filtration

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pH Correction

pH correction using dissolving minerals

pH correction using dosing pumps and liquid neutraliser

Individually designed for your water supply

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Deionised water systems and refills

We manufacture high quality deionised water for supply in 25 litre, and 1000 litre containers.

Certification is available with each batch when required.

Our deionised water is pre filtered and UV treated.

Standard deionised/demineralised water is supplied at < 5 microsiemens per cm.

We can also provide <1 microsiemens/cm quality on request.

Order deionised/demineralised water here


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Multimedia and carbon filtration

Multimedia filters for sediment removal

Carbon filters for colour , hydrogen sulphide and chlorine removal

Individually designed for your water supply

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"Would you like us to take samples of your commercial water supply for you?"

For commercial customers, we can also send an expert technician to collect water samples. Please call 021- 4965616 to discuss your requirement.

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Participants in the EPA inter laboratory calibration programme

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