Deionised/Demineralised water 25 litre drum/Purified water

EUR EX Vat € 24.00

Transport Charges

As Deionised/Demineralised water must be transported on pallets, the shipping cost is the same for 1-32  X 25 litre drums. Keep your shipping costs down by ordering several drums together,

For 1000 litre containers or Tankers of water, contact us at 021 4965616 or email for pricing and delivery charges.

We supply Deionised/Demineralised water with a quality of <5 microsiemens per cm in 25 litre and 1000 lt containers. Our purified water solutions can be supplied with certification.


Contact us at 021 4965616 to discuss your requirements or send your details to



Distilled water : For some applications, Deionised and Distilled water are interchangeable. However, you should check your application if you wish to use Deionised water rather than Distilled.

Delivery within Ireland only.